In this website you will find everything about the contemporary artist Cesare Catania, an Italian painter and sculptor who likes to be artistically contaminated by the world around him and who can mix in his contemporary art abstractism, surrealism, hyperrealism, informal art, cubism. His art is a mix of ingenuity works, painting and sculpture.

Enter and discover all you want to know about his life, his artworks (paintings, 3D paintings, sculptures, tapestries, sketches), his techniques, his videos tutorial, and his inspirations.



"... I like to think of art and ingenuity like that moment in which the artist realizes his works using the technique of an adult and the imagination of a child..."

(Cesare Catania)

Cesare Catania contemporary artist while painting his last 3d painting



Enter and discover the biography about this Author of Contemporary Art. Everything about his life, his techniques and his works. Everything about him, from childhood to our day.




In this section you will find the works of art by the author of contemporary art. A complete collection of all his paintings, sculptures, tapestries, sketches. A complete photographic collection of artworks including explanations and techniques, all accompanied by emotional and explanatory videos.


"The Man who does not See" is a contemporary sculpture made by the artist Cesare Catania
the "Selfportrait" is a contemporary painting made by the Artist Cesare Catania. It's made by oil paintings, acrylics and resins on canvas.



His artworks have never been so alive and emotional as in this section. Discover the tutorial movies and animated explanations of some of his paintings and sculptures. From canvas to acrylic on plaster, from silicone sculptures to spatulas on linen and cotton tapestries.





"Genesis": More than 450 pages about artist's artworks, his life and his techniques. The Book of Contemporary Art was written and edited by the same artist, painter and sculptor.


"Genesis" is a contemporary art book written and edited by the artist Cesare Catania
Cesare Catania is called by the international critics and press "The Modern Leonardo da Vinci". He is artist and civil engineer.



Articles of the press and international criticism on artworks and exhibitions of the artist, painter and sculptor Cesare Catania. Everything about his exhibitions in Paris, London, Monaco, Milan, Lugano and more ...



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