PRESS AREA – Cesare Catania – Contemporary Art


PRESS AREA – Cesare Catania – Contemporary Art

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FR – Ambasciata Italiana nel Principato di Monaco – Italian Embassy in the Principality of Monaco

extract from the official article:

” The inauguration of Cesare Catania’s personal exhibition in Monaco MonteCarlo astonishes by the character of the artworks and the number of art lovers attending.

On Thursday, 27th September, in the magnificent exhibition rooms of hotel Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel in Monte Carlo, took place the vernissage and opening party of the personal exhibition of the artist, which will remain open to the public until 15th January 2019.

This personal exhibition of 18 works of art has moved the public by the intensity of both the pictures and sculptures. Among others, the tapestry painted with oil on canvas entitled “The Embrace” is featured, a masterpiece that represents, in a strict sense, the embrace between a man and a woman and, in an enlarged sense, the embrace between two people of two different colors. This tapestry has already a story… Indeed, among other exhibitions, it was also selected to represent art and “made in Italy” during the Italian culture week in 2016 in Switzerland, an international event organized under the high patronage of the President of the Italian Republic. The only “Self-Portrait” created until now by artist Cesare Catania is also presented for the first time. The painting-sculpture entitled “ReArt”, already exhibited in 2017 at the contemporary art museum in Milan “la Fabbrica del Vapore”, also forms part of the exhibition, along with two unique pieces from the famous “The Mouth of Etna” series, the well-known sculptures in silicone, acrylic and steel. Among the 18 presented pieces, feature as well the sculpture entitled “The Heart of the Earth”, made of marble powder and fragments of a meteorite, the picture painted with oil on canvas “Gospel”, already exhibited during the biennale of Monte Carlo in 2016, two different versions in acrylic and silicone of “The Cut”, “Harlequin in the Land of Giants”, “Flamingos in the Mirror”, so… a number of unique works of art, resulting from the equally unique techniques and inspirations of the artist.

The event, placed under the sign of elegance and culture, was attended by more than 200 very select guests, among which many prominent personalities of the Monegasque world and international audience, including: Cristiano Gallo (Italian ambassador to the Principality of Monaco), Madame Regine Vardon-West (President of association Amitie sans Frontieres), Anastasiya Vrublevskaya, Mr Nicolas A. Hesse, members of the Bentley Club of Monte Carlo and of exclusive Club 39, representatives of the Princess Charlene Foundation, as well as well-known art collectors and dozens of distinguished guests from the world of high international finance and private banking. “



IT – La Stampa 27 Settembre 2018



FR – Monaco Madame

L’Étreinte par Cesare Catania

Inauguration de l’exposition de Cesare Catania




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The modern Leonardo Da Vinci CESARE CATANIA






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IT – Sinapsi News “Inside the News”


57 edizione della Biennale di Venezia : Cesare Catania ospite di Lorenzo Quinn





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IT – La Provincia di Cremona

IT – Controluce “Infos and Culture”


Cesare Catania e l’arte dei rifiuti urbani






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March – June 2017: Milano Fabbrica del Vapore MUSEUM






October 2016: Lugano Swiss





October 2016: Louvre Paris







Septempber 2016: Biennal Art Exposition of Montecarlo






January 2016 – Westminister London Exhibition



Cesare Catania alla “Royal Opera Arcade Gallery” di Londra







Artwork Title: “The Heart of the Earth – B Version”
“... the marble dust coming from the Earth and the meteorite fragments coming from the Universe ...”
Artwork Title: “Selfportrait”
“... in this artwork Cesare Catania illustrates the oxymorons present in his personality ...”
Artwork Title: “Harlequin in the Land of Giants”
“... hyperrealism and surrealism ...”
Artwork Title: “The Heart of the Earth – C Version”
“... the power of the Earth ...”
Artwork Title: “The Man Who Does Not See”
“... the man is immersed in the society around him blindfolded ...”
Artwork Title: “The Mouth of Etna – E Version”
“... passion for colours, for energy and for contemporary sculpture ...”
Artwork Title: “Trois Hommes”
“... art and science …”
Artwork Title: “Summer Readings”
“... art and maths ...”
Artwork Title: “The Cage”
“... 3D painting and sculpture in the same artwork ...”
Artwork Title: “The Cutting – A Version”
“... abstraction and contemporary idea of art ...”
Artwork Title: “Confusion (The Open Cutting)”
“... abstract art ...”
Artwork Title: “The Embrace – B Version”
“... everything starts from an embrace …”
Artwork Title: “Flamingos at the Mirror”
“... the metaphor of human being ...”
Artwork Title: “The Mouth of Etna – F Version”
“... when the sculpture becomes energy ...”
Artwork Title: “Woman with a Book”
“... love for colours ...”
Artwork Title: “The Mouth of Etna – A Version”
“... passion for contemporary art ...”
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